My push towards Karate

I am learning Karate all because of an advertisement. In that I saw a girl saying “Mom can I go tuition myself” to her mom. Then, the mom replied that “No, dear come I will drop you in your tuition” to her daughter. Then, her mom took but not to the tuition actually to the Karate class. Her daughter asked her mom that “mom where are you taking me and the tuition is over there”. So, her mom told that “I am taking you to the Karate Class”. She asked her mom “why should I learn Karate?” and her mom told “Dear there is a very big problem for a girls”.

I love driving my bicycle with my friends and my brother. So, one day I asked my mother weather can I go to school by my bicycle with my friends? So, she told that “no, dear there is a lot more age to go to school by bicycle”. Then I told my mom that “fine I will learn Karate. Is that okay for you”? My mom told “okay you can go to karate class”.


2018 Resolutions

(About my do’s and dont’s in this year 2018)

I promise that I will do everything written below:

  • I will wake up soon at 6 o’clock in the morning.
  • I will pack my bag ,box (pencil box ,snack box and lunch box) ,water bottle and books.
  • I will never miss my van or the school assembly.
  • I will complete all my homework’s (school HW & works at home) at time.
  • I will never let my mom ask “did you finish your homework’s and learn for your tests”.
  •    I will never fight with my younger brother and behave like a big sister (to my brother) and a good daughter (to my parents).
  • I will keep my house clean and neat.
  • I will have my dinner soon.
  • And go to sleep at the particular time that my mom or dad says.

Know about Bommis Vidiyal

I am just passionate towards creating memories. As, memories have main part in one’s life, I wanted to group all my memories together (may be good or bad), that helps me cherishing my childhood all over my life.

girl rising like sun, girl with rising sun, bommis vidiyal, vidiyal, girl rising, rising girl

Girl rising along with sun

I don’t think maintaining dairies, storing photographs in any hard drive would be a comfort zone for a girl like me. But when I keep it online, it is available any time, anywhere to me.

And so comes “Bommi’s Vidiyal”.Also I am sure my lifetime memories can’t be made alone. So come let’s join together and make memories.

About me

I am Bommi, a little girl, from the South India, rising with Beautiful smile towards my future. I believe that smile can make wonders and miracles, so starting my life journey from here with all your support and blessings. I am here to share my crafts, hobbies, school fun, cooking, all together my experience with the world.